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2018 Smartcity & Blockchain Conference







2018 Smartcity & Blockchain Conference

Lecture - Professional

Smart City


Inki LEE


"What is the contact point between smart city and Blockchain in terms of community?
Experts and practitioners in different fields gather to conduct more practical discussions.
Forum D&P architect Lee In-ki has been continuously researching architecture and cities and striving to raise architectural projects based on the fundamental questions.
The question we have to ask is, ""Are we ready to move on to a smart city when it emerges? Are these fundamental changes will affect our daily lives? What we want is not just a good city but also a fair city that affects our adjacent environment?""
The Grand scheme of the smart city is the next story for most of the crowd. Before we define a smart city, we should visualize the experience from the user's perspective. It is an essential part of the discussion, and we should have a vision of it as we further into the planning."

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