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Unreal Summit 2020







Unreal Summit 2020

Lecture - Professional



Inki LEE


"The following presentation outlines how Architects of Forum D&P adopted evolving technologies such as virtualization and virtual construction in an architectural environment and construction industry. Inki started giving lectures on related topics back in 2010 for high school and college students to ease building industries' technologies. Since 2013, he has shared these contents with educators or practitioners in the architectural field, and more users can have access to it. In 2016, lectures focused on educating more experienced users with a high understanding of virtualization and virtual construction.
The lecture on 'Unreal Summit Online 2020' was part of the Epic Games annual event known as a game and software developer. They tried to expand their market to non-gaming industries such as building and construction industries. Since Forum D&P is one of the companies to adopt the products like Twinmotion and Unreal Engine into the production pipeline, they offered to participate in the summit as a presenter to share the work process.
Founded in 1991 in the US, Epic Games is a company well-known as a video game and software developer. Their real-time rendering technology has improved tremendously. The demand for this technology has increased in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) work environment and utilized in the architectural construction field.
We anticipate sharing the Forum D&P's philosophy and work through this presentation, and Epic Games' technology and capabilities will create a higher-level architectural environment."

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