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Bucheon Research and Development Center Remodeling

This project remodeled a factory located in Bucheon into a research institute. Designed from PM to budget, quality, schedule, risk management of the entire project,
It is meaningful as an example that led the entire process of the construction business from construction management to publication through archives as an architect. business
The concept proposed as an early architect is clearly understood by the stakeholders of the client, and the understanding of the entire building is very high.
I got better. Feedback that users are satisfied with the work environment after moving in and that they are proud of the place from employees
And are developing exchanges with clients.





Unit Item



SMR R&D 센터 리모델링





Project Status

Project launch

Design Completed

Construction Begins

Construction Completed


2018. 8

2019. 10


Site Area

Total Floor Area

Bucheon, Korea




Account Name

Team Members

Team Collaborators

SMR Korea

Contents KR

Factory to R&D Center

The project starts with a request to remodel a factory, an asset owned by a manufacturing sector company, into a research and development center. Initially, it was requested for the expansion of the first floor, but it was expanded as part of the management of the company through overall improvement of the work environment through remodeling while diagnosing the site and business plan. The main idea of ​​the construction team is to reinforce the facilities and structures of old buildings, secure the safety of buildings, and internally focus on improving the quality to a considerable level to enable improved work in new places based on the work process of the existing R&D center. Put it. In addition, the building function that cannot utilize the surrounding environment (landscape/lighting/ventilation) will be complemented with external remodeling, and the design will be interpreted as an architectural interpretation of the company's identity. In this process, we select a method that is in charge of order-planning-design-construction management, and PM-design-construction management-supervision, which is supervised by the construction team to enable implementation within limited business conditions. Difficulties have arisen in the process of new attempts, but the project is completed through continuous consultation between the client and architectural tick. It is a project with positive feedback within the group after completion, as well as feedback that employees working in the R&D center have high satisfaction and pride in the company.

Remodeling of old factory buildings and business facilities

It creates a space suitable for practical solutions and needs within the business and business conditions that want to change the existing aging factory buildings to work and research facilities. By clearly diagnosing the early building of the project, it effectively divides the part to be removed and the part to be preserved, which has economic and environmental effects.

Construction process and BIM

Minimize the problems, large and small, that occur in a series of processes from the beginning to the end of the project, and use the simulation of facilities through a multidimensional virtual space as a close communication between the client, the architect, and the contractor. Experts and non-professionals are able to communicate more realistically through visually detailed visuals.

Corporate brand value and space design

The architect understands the characteristics of the ordering company and designs the space considering the brand design. In addition to the users of the facility, external visitors should naturally share the characteristics of the company.


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