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Dorim Senior Welfare Center Remodeling

It is a project that expanded and remodeled a complex welfare facility for the elderly in Dorim-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu. He led a series of processes from project concept design to budget and schedule setting, design, and construction management. Due to the nature of the public facilities project, it played a central role in finding contact with different interests for smooth communication between the local government as the client, the villagers who are users, and the facility operating companies. As a result of high satisfaction from the welfare facility project in Yeongdeungpo previously conducted, it is meaningful as a project that reveals the direction of our activities to lead to a solid process leading to the satisfaction of the client as a result of high satisfaction. It is a welfare facility project that has become a strong stone bridge in the process of realization, Archi-Therapy





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도림동 복합어르신복지센터





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Seoul, Korea




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A space for rest and nursing care for the elderly required in an aging society

We need to prepare to prepare for the rapidly increasing aging population. As the demands and expectations for the increasing facilities, the elderly and nursing homes who will use the actual facilities must have the desired environment. To this end, we listened to the requirements of the ordering department and provided solutions suitable for them, while at the same time inviting the elderly in the village to draw understanding and sympathy.

Public facilities that harmonize with the surrounding environment

Based on the context of the existing elevation, a light mass was added to create a balanced elevation, and a calm color scheme in consideration of adjacent buildings induces a sense of stability in the building, and a wooden louver made of a durable material was used to give the elevation a familiar natural feel.

Space composition according to the purpose of welfare facilities

This building required three types of welfare facilities for the elderly. Elderly people in the village freely come and go to promote friendship, hobbies, and senior citizens for various information exchange, education, culture, hobbies, and social participation activities. There is a daycare center in Dayker. Although all spaces are for the elderly, spaces with different programs are constructed based on understanding what kind of environment they require.

Natural space in the city center provided through a roof garden

A rooftop garden space designed with the hope that elderly people who cannot get close to nature due to location conditions can get a peace of mind while getting in the sunlight and seeing trees and lawns fluttering in the wind.


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