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Gunpo New Headquarters and Plant Facility

It is a project to create a facility that integrates necessary office buildings and factories as the scale of medical-related manufacturing companies in Gunpo-si expand. There was a need for a professional role that could lead to concerns about the complex construction process along with the improvement of the external appearance and work environment of workers taking into account the limited relocation schedule, continuity of existing work, and corporate growth, and the architectural team of Forum D&P took this role. You will be in charge. It was a case of integrating the enterprise transfer process, space composition, and administrative procedures required for factory relocation, and design and construction management, and it is meaningful as a project that applied field management at the construction stage other than consultation at the planning stage based on BIM.





Unit Item



인젝타 사옥 신축공사





Project Status

Project launch

Design Completed

Construction Begins

Construction Completed


2016. 4

2016. 6


Site Area

Total Floor Area

Gunpo, Seoul, Korea




Account Name

Team Members

Team Collaborators


Contents KR

Integration of factory and office building

This is a project that moves and expands factories and offices located on different sites into one space. It understands the manufacturing and work environment, constructs a space suitable for two different purposes in one building, and allows them to be connected organically.

BIM to lead complex building processes

As a project linked to the previous project, administrative work was more complex and the plan had to be set more specifically. The business is more systematically managed through an information system-based construction process.

Creating an environment for users

The manufacturing plant provides a comfortable and efficient work space for workers, and the office building space provides an open space for meeting and communicating with outsiders along with the work space.

Corporate branding and appearance

The branding value is enhanced with a design that considers the corporate identity and a unique exterior design.


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