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Gwangmyeong Cave Master Planning and Development

This project is to create a complex cultural tourism complex from abandoned mines purchased directly from Gwangmyeong City. The local government conducted research with three keywords of'France, abandoned mine, urban regeneration', and found the connection with the past work of our team and commissioned it directly. From initial concept design to design, data-based market research, architectural technical support, coordination of project participation teams, including ordering departments and contractors, he served as an in-depth leader in the series of master plans.





Unit Item



광명동굴 타당성조사 및 기본계획수립 용역


M2_Urban Planning

Urban Planning


Project Status

Project launch

Design Completed

Construction Begins

Construction Completed

Design Completed

2016. 11

2017. 2


Site Area

Total Floor Area

Gwangmyeong, Korea


Account Name

Team Members

Team Collaborators


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Abandoned mines into a complex cultural tourism complex

The abandoned mine located at Gahaksan Mountain in Gwangmyeong City was a cave where resources were dug up until 40 years ago. Since resource development ceased, people stopped visiting, and it was a kind of dead space used as a storehouse of salted shrimp. Due to the vast site size, it was not easy to change, but with the city's active will and cooperation with private experts, it has become a global cultural space. Continuous development is expected to proceed in the future, and the value of this space will gradually maximize as time passes as a space that has both historical and cultural characteristics.

Storytelling in a space that evokes empathy

An architect imagines a space and becomes a person who writes a novel. From the introductory part that stimulates interest and curiosity to the descent after the space of fresh emotions, emotions and climax. This is the architect's desire to leave happy memories that will be kept for a long time to those who visit this place.

Sustainability equipped with cutting-edge technology

It took a tremendous amount of time and money to develop all the places at once with the vast size of Gwangmyeong Cave. We proposed 3D Scanning, and through this, we secured detailed geospatial data, developed some of them first, opened them to citizens, and laid the foundation for development without any problems even if the head of the local government or the person in charge changes.

Local culture that grows into the world

Our heritage, culture, and history are always at the center of the development of Gwangmyeong Cave by benchmarking French Lasco cave paintings. The focus is on finding elements that can directly connect places and people with a high level of appearance by analyzing the increasing number of visitors.


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