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Gwangmyeong Cave VR Center

This project was created to provide an indirect experience through VR technology for the elderly who cannot directly visit the Gwangmyeong Cave. This project was created by an additional request from the owner while carrying out a master plan to transform a former mine into a cultural tourism cave. In order to realize an atypical building, it has succeeded in applying UHPC(Ultra-High Performance Concrete) as a core material and has attracted experts from each field. As a public institution, it is meaningful as a project that is based on understanding and empathy through close communication with BIM-based logical architectural processes that can make you feel unfamiliar.





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광명동굴 VR광산체험관 기본 및 실시설계





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Project launch

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Construction Completed


2017. 4

2017. 4

2017. 10

2018. 11


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Gwangmyeong, Korea



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Gwangmyeong Cave where the past, present and future coexist

The project, which began as an extension of the Gwangmyeong Cave Master Plan, shares the story. Designed by world-renowned architect Janu Nobel, the Lasco Cave Mural Exhibition Hall illuminates the'past', and various cultural facilities inside the cave, designed as a master plan, represent the'present' that breathes alive. And at VR Center, where you can experience future technologies, we experience the future. In order to realize atypical buildings, BIM-based cutting-edge design programs were mobilized and conducted through consultations with experts such as the Korea Institute of Construction and Structural Engineers.

Architecture through history

The motif of the ore shape is used to capture the history of mines where miners had previously digged gold.

UHPC(Ultra High Performance Concrete and formwork

UHPC was used to realize atypical structures. It uses less specially made amorphous metal formwork because it has less viscosity than ordinary concrete.

Harmony of future technology and architecture

Our team is constantly working on the development of the architecture sector through new technologies, and VR(Virtual Reality) is one of the core technologies. This facility, which allows people who cannot move to deep caves to experience the cave, is a more meaningful work for us to constantly study new technologies as part of realizing the philosophy of'architecture'.


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