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Gwangmyeong Hospital Master Planning

This project modernizes the aged comprehensive medical facility in Gwangmyeong based on the city management plan. In order to improve the facilities, he approached the city planning unit and advised him to lower the use area, and further suggested a new vision through the hospital expansion model. It was designed to adjust the location of funeral halls and parking lots, which were inconvenient factors in existing aging hospital facilities, and to increase the number of small units and integrate the confused hospital elevation. It is meaningful as a project that proposes a way to approach urban problems as an architect by improving the more fundamental limitations by law with legitimate solutions by approaching the city-level master plan.





Unit Item



광명성애병원 현대화사업


M2_Urban Planning

Urban Planning


Project Status

Project launch

Design Completed

Construction Begins

Construction Completed

Design Completed

2015. 8

2017. 2


Site Area

Total Floor Area

Gwangmyeong, Korea




Account Name

Team Members

Team Collaborators

Sungae Hospital

Contents KR

District Unit Planning and Medical Facilities

The expansion of the hospital was a dissenting project as many residential and neighboring facilities were located around the hospital site. However, as the city of Gwangmyeong developed rapidly, the number of residents increased rapidly, and it was the only general hospital in the city unit that required appropriate measures. As architects, we have contributed to solving more fundamental problems by carrying out realistic system improvements together with solutions to space.

Understanding not persuasive

Instead of trying to'persuade' people with diverse opinions while working on large projects at the city level, we aim to'understand' through intuitive materials and explanations. The concept of public works starts with the needs of the community and the benefits citizens get.

Scale-up and integration of hospital facilities

It improves the congestion due to several expansions and strengthens the front entrance, creating a rear landscaping space in connection with a nearby park.

Gwangmyeong citizen's doctor

In order to maintain the historicity of the regional general hospital that has lasted for 30 years, and to provide open medical services to citizens of Gwangmyeong, we propose changes to medical facilities that combine culture and art.


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