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Heukseok Residential Apartment Interior

This project remodeled an apartment in Heukseok-dong. Designed, designed, demolished, and constructed an apartment 30 years after its construction. We wanted to create a more comfortable residential space for middle-aged couples with no-grooms, and adopted environmentally friendly materials for the elderly to reduce the burden on new furniture. The BIM-based design minimized the extension of construction period due to errors from the site and carried out detailed construction supervision. It is meaningful as a work that contains our philosophy of remodeling an old apartment's residential space by continuously communicating with the client after the completion and encountering a review.





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흑석동 한강현대아파트 인테리어





Project Status

Project launch

Design Completed

Construction Begins

Construction Completed


2019. 7

2019. 9. 18


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Seoul, Korea



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Tracing paper inspired by the field

Conduct a meeting with the client and hear the story of the space they want. Then, they enter their house and imagine the point of life, the space to be emptied, and the contact point with the space desired by the owner. Sketch as a first step to materialize ideas floating around. The tracing paper is placed on the existing drawings, and the pen tip is moved to the tracing paper by penetrating through the story shared with the client, the space around them, and their lives felt inside.

'Inspection' through demolition

The frivolity of demolition can be an element of anxiety for the owner, but it is an important moment to remove old elements before redecorating the space and check if there are any problem elements in them. It becomes a very clean'drawing paper' where the ideas of architects will be realized.

Selection of materials

The choice of materials is very important in a residential space where the characteristics of materials can be felt more sensitively. You can compare materials directly on site and make the best choice by comparing subtle differences.

BIM-based design and communication

Our team, equipped with BIM-based work as a basic competency, digitizes projects in residential spaces and shares them more closely with clients, narrowing visual differences and providing more efficient work during construction.


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