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Jorye Catholic Church

This project was selected and participated in the competition for the design of the Catholic Cathedral located in Jorye-dong, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do. It is a place where you can concentrate on your personal life according to the purpose of a religious facility and need the dignity delivered from a noble space. The existing spaces were used as they were, but the environment was improved architecturally, and the philosophical concerns about the usual temple construction were filled with sincerity and technical cleverness. There was a high degree of satisfaction at the client's place as a design process that converged religion and architecture.





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조례동 성당 신축공사





Project Status

Project launch

Design Completed

Construction Begins

Construction Completed


2014. 12

2015. 2


Site Area

Total Floor Area

Suncheon, Korea




Account Name

Team Members

Team Collaborators

Archdiocese of Gwangju

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Reflection on religious architecture

Religion has great meaning in itself, but the influence of religion on the development of architecture is enormous. This is more meaningful because it is a project by our team with a serious attitude toward religion. It is a project for pursuing the philosophy of Benefit by Architecture as a core value, eliminating the nuisance as a space for pure religious acts, not a space that leaves profit.

Space for liturgy and prayer

The space for worship itself creates a calm and sacred atmosphere.

BIM-based design process

Through 3D design, it is easy to discuss and review changes that occur during the process and provide detailed data to optimize construction costs and reduce maintenance costs through facility data.

Space for healing the community

Like those who are'healed' through religion, we hope that more people will be healed by spreading our architectural philosophy (architectural healing)-Archi-Therapy to this place.


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