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Seocho Residential Apartment Interior

This project remodeled an apartment in Seocho-dong. It is a remodeling project that progressed from concept design to design, demolition, construction, finishing, and furniture arrangement. I want to live in a country house, but I have been asked to remodel an apartment that resembles the life of a country house because I feel burdened to leave the apartment with the growth of my children for a long time. Based on the high level of understanding of furniture design, our team provided the best design to the client in various ways such as emotion, weight, and touch of each material. In particular, through the concept of'Jungmun' to realize the feelings of rural houses, the sensibility of the house was realized through the heavy door. Since its completion, it has shown a high level of satisfaction with the new environment, and this is one type of apartment housing that we propose.





Unit Item



서초동 롯데캐슬 84





Project Status

Project launch

Design Completed

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Construction Completed


2015. 7

2015. 8

2018. 8

2015. 9


Site Area

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Seoul, Korea



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Trip with an architect

The space we perceive as an apartment can be thought of as a universal nominally properly designed space, rather than an individual considered residence for each family. However, the circumstances that each family wants will be different. How is the living environment considered based on understanding and sharing a part of my life with the architect? We express'travel' as the work of realizing the essential human desire to have the environment I want with architects.

Connecting external and internal spaces

The long and large windows are installed to visually connect the exterior and interior even without a balcony. The colors of the closet and window frame are combined with the scenery, giving the interior an extended feel.

Introduction of modern kitchen

The kitchen has become a key space in the home. The view was extended so that the cooking time was not cut off from the family, and a stylish island was installed without separating the kitchen table from the dining table to induce a modern sensibility.

'Jungmun' in rural houses

According to the request of the owner who wants to live in a country house, a'jungmun' with a sense of weight that can give the emotion of a country house was installed. The heavy door makes the house feel stable and luxurious.


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