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Smart Farm Model 5ha

This is a smart farm complex development project proposed on a lot in Ulju-gun, Ulsan City. To increase productivity by upgrading the production-processing process in farmhouses, which will become increasingly difficult due to the gradually decreasing population of farmhouses and aging population, the development of related industries and creation of jobs through tourism centers linked to smart farms





Unit Item



울주군 스마트팜 계획


M2_Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Smart Farm

Project Status

Project launch

Design Completed

Construction Begins

Construction Completed

Design Completed


Site Area

Total Floor Area

Ulju, Korea


Account Name

Team Members

Team Collaborators

Contents KR

Architect's proposal considering the environment of the project site

Various factors such as roads, farmhouses, rivers, mountains, etc. are spread around the tens of thousands of m2 of business site, and there are related laws that must be followed accordingly. The architect collects the information on the project site, builds a “database” that can stack the project, and then draws a sketch that sets the overall direction on it.

BIM-based building process

The constructed data accompanies the process of a series of projects. Therefore, the collected information is inserted into the BIM environment so that it can be considered in all project elements worked within the team. In addition, it is possible to minimize the disruption to the overall schedule of the project by minimizing the time to respond to variables occurring in the middle of the project.

Summary of Proposal

Technology is a better tool for creating better people's spaces. There is a project plan based on the development of the local community to become a smart farm to solve the difficulties in the breakdown, and the architect predicts the inspiration conveyed by the space and the emotions that people feel, and proposes a 'people'-centered architecture.

Proposal meaning

The target site is physically analyzed, the business and work processes in the industrial field using the facility are formed into space, and the invisible data flow is integrated into the facility."


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