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Yeonnam Jewelry Store Interior

This project is to remodel a small restaurant in Yeonnam-dong into a jewelry store. From architectural concept design to design and supervision, it helped to grow as a commercial facility through branding design considering the ordering background. At the stage of use after completion, the satisfaction of the space and commercialization exceeded the initial target value of the client. Regardless of the size of the project, our team is meaningful as a well-implemented project with the core values defined in commercial facilities.





Unit Item



비쥬얼 샵 인테리어





Project Status

Project launch

Design Completed

Construction Begins

Construction Completed


2018. 9

2018. 9

2018. 9

2018. 10


Site Area

Total Floor Area

Seoul, Korea



Account Name

Team Members

Team Collaborators


Contents KR

BIM design to help customers understand the order

The owner, who has run a jewelry store and a flower shop, wanted to participate more actively in design. Experienced with BIM-based space through VR, so that the client can intuitively understand the space and share opinions without building expertise. This narrows the gap between the orderer and the architect, which can help the orderer to find the desired space and increase satisfaction afterwards.

Entrance Attractive

The entrance design that anyone wants to look at once and inspire curiosity to get inside.

Market Research

Through the market research of Yeonnam-dong and the area around the project, the main target customer base is selected and the direction of customer inference is determined accordingly.

Increased competitiveness through branding design of commercial facilities

The shop where the wife who ran the flower shop and the husband who ran the visual shop meet and start living together, and the flower and visual go together.


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