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Algeria Mosque Phenomenon Design; Mosquée d'Alger

Phenomenon Design and Research


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Open Google and search <Mosquée d'Alger> for information on Algeria's flagship mosques. On the right, the proposal that appears as the official'Algerian Mosque' was submitted by Seoul Architecture. Even at the time the results were announced, the media's bird's-eye view of the architecture was cited in the news and newspaper Internet media. However, I remember that it was the work of the German architecture office. However, even now under construction, it is cited in the article as if the inside of the Seoul architecture was being built. The issue of the article is always an enormous amount of project cost and its promotion. Later, when it's all built,'Uh! It's not the mosque we thought of!'

This project was designed in 2007 when it joined the Seoul Architecture and proceeded with the Jeongok Seonsa Museum project. When I came back from my studies in France, I remember reviewing and understanding French documents and developing the design while discussing with the director. We approached the most traditional composition that the Algerian people would most like, and ended the plan by verifying with the Algerian people.

When I looked at the documents and plan guides I underlined and reviewed, there were traces of deep understanding and distress. We very seriously and seriously analyzed the competition guidelines, and had many meetings with Algerian experts to complement the arbitrarily interpretable parts. I've done a lot of research to make sure that I know the architectural characteristics of the mosque quite well.





Jiyun KIM




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