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Architecture & Data

Project & Customer


< 20181001. FORUM Works Analysis Report generated from Salesforce, FORUMD&P>

"What do people need and where are we going as architects?"

In order to design a future to move forward healthily, it is useful to observe data showing our team's past activities.
The reason for this observation is that we thought that leadership insights can be achieved when the insights of leadership emerge from'record-based observations and analytical reasons' at the beginning of the establishment. This is because it is actually used.
If we observe the projects and the opportunities that have occurred since the establishment, we can see that the main activities of our team are <architectural design> and <research project> in the field of construction and construction. And noteworthy, although not shown in the chart above, over time, the opportunities in architecture-based <production> and <education> increased.





Inki LEE


Works Analysis


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