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Police Stations and Considerations for Architecture Sustainable

Police Station Symbolism and Sustainability


What are the criteria of the project we are focusing on? In the meantime, he has been working in various fields such as urban planning, master plan, housing, commercial space, business facilities, religious facilities, welfare facilities, coordination, and construction project management. At least, the project standard chosen by us is not the'use' of the building. Doing so many different things and not being afraid to step into a new field is because you are confident in the process of unraveling architecture. However, there is no such thing as a magic spell, so whenever I meet a new facility, I start with learning and analysis, and put a lot of effort into finding the right direction.

This time, they needed an architect's competence in the area of the government office called the police station, so we had the opportunity to worry about the construction of the police station for a very short time.





Jiyun KIM




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