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VDC (Virtual Design and Construction)

Attitudes about the virtual environment of architecture


< BIM-to-VR Studio; 24H Essential Program for Architects, FORUM D&P >

In addition to VDC (Virtual Design and Construction), BIM (Building Information Modeling), VR-AR-MR-XR, and digital twin, many technical environments have already entered the work of architects and are being used in their own way.
When learning with the aim of learning a specific software function or producing a set result, the designer will soon experience the limitations of the software's functions or the inconvenience of operation, and the designers themselves create limitations in their creative work.
What should not be lost is to understand the nature of building abstraction through the idea that architecture is question and definition, and that when we have a wealth of ways to realize our ideas through physical work, we can acquire depth and persistence as a rain.





Inki LEE




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