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Understand Manufacturing Through Architecture

"Logic and Process"


<Definition of Architecture environment, FORUM D&P>

Diagnosis and analysis, design and production, and poetry

"You have to design it to make it."
Manufacturing and construction have something in common that they make something as a result. However, there is a big difference in the process. Of course, like manufacturing, which is designed and produced, architecture is constructed through construction. If the former is'make', that is, make (fabrication), the latter is called'build, construction'. In order to design, it is necessary to go through the process of diagnosing and analyzing the object to be created, and in order to produce it, it is necessary to use the given means (person, equipment) under limited conditions (time, cost) by the proposed method (technology). It is the nature of the manufacturing industry that has a better understanding of design than other fields, and that is why it is possible to understand the value of securing sufficient data through the necessary diagnosis.





Inki LEE




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